One of my favorite books is The Hunger Games. The series is really good. There are only two social classes, the poor and rich. The story is set in a post apocalypse world. A girl from District 12 named Katniss Everdeen dared to challenge the Government. The reason was because every year, each district had to participate in a surviving tournament to the death. The Districts had rebelled against the Capital.

Each district was forced to send one boy and one girl from the ages of 12 to18. The Capital forced the districts to fight in the tournament as a reminder that the Capital was generous enough to let them live after they had rebelled.

My opinion is that this is a really great series. It has an almost real life feel to the story. It feels real because:

1. It deals with oppression and how the government had control.

2. Only the strongest could survive the hardships of the Games.

3. It dealt with trying to find a way to be humane in a inhumane society.

I like reading The Hunger Games because the theme incorporated science-based depiction of futuristic travel and survival. Despite the many challenges in the novel. Katniss proved she was able to survive.

Surviving in Sci-Fy
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