Through technology and animation SAO became a success, almost better than Naruto which was a hot anime during that time and still today.

Sword Art Online is a VRMMO which means Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online which means you are inside the game. Players can’t leave the game, and if you die in the game you die in real life showing a more darker side of anime.

Aniplex has a touching side. The main Protagonist AKA Kirito  is faced with losing his first love. Finding a little kid falling back in love, after nearly being killed twice, and watching his love, Asuna, being  beaten in front of him and not being able do anything may not sound “touching.”

In the end, Kirito beats both of the games and saves the day freeing all the prisoners of SAO and ALO offically ending the season but after 2 years of begging we finally got a 2nd season Sword Art Online 2 here’s a picture of all the characters of SAO season oneSAO all characters

Its available now, but it came out in Japan and the USA in 2012. The second season in 2014 had more viewers from around the globe. The most anime airing during that time currently has 6 episodes which can be watched on and

There are subtitles, so you can read the Japanese to English translation. If you wait awhile, there will be a dubbed version for viewing. The first season is being aired on Adult Swim, but you will have to stay up late to watch it.

During the light novel of SAO, fans wanted an anime version so bad that it ran for 25 episodes.

Sword Art Online
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