My name is ClaVonna. I attend Northern High school. I am from Washington D.C but live here in Durham. I am of several different backgrounds. I recently switched from my old canon to a new digital and I want to explain how easy/hard it is. I learned the hard way but let me help you go the easiest way of doing this.

The best time to switch from an old camera to a digital depends on 4 things.

  1. First is do you need a digital camera now?
  2. Then do you want the latest?
  3. And last but most importantly: Is price a major consideration?
  4. Also know what type of camera you are looking for and the company that makes the camera. There are several different companies including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung etc.

The best place to go to get the latest/newest cameras is Best Buy (in my opinion). They have all the latest cameras and most likely can get you them for a great price.

You always want to take the best pictures possible. To capture the big and little moments. One time I had my old canon and took a picture of my Cherokee grandmother and then I bought a new digital. the difference is quite a sight to see. If you have the right camera then the memories will forever live one in your mind and in the best picture frame you could possibly get. I personally like to take pictures using my DSLR. even though they are going extinct, it still has amazing features and is always very useful as a backup camera. The newest cameras are also very useful in water and rain.

Go to the nearest Best Buy and talk to a sales person. Talk about the prices and talk about the assets that you would want in your camera. Like is it water proof or how well the zoom is or even how many mega pixels it has. Also have fun. A camera is for the best of memories and the times you wish to remember.

The New and Improved Camera

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