During Spring break, teens learned how to create their own game using a Microsoft product, Kodu. The program was taught by C.J. from the Game Truck.  Not only were teens introduced to the game Kodu they were also informed about the local game companies in Research Triangle Park. The teens used the same viritual world which made it easy to teach the fundamentals of the game.

From sprounting trees to adding characters the teenagers learned about the large amount of detail that goes into producing and developing games. In order to make a character move, the teens had to give the character a specific command.

For example, the command “Bump -> Rock     Do: Color -> It -> My Color” is a command that was essential to allow the object to move.

Every day the teens built upon previous knowledge to complete their game design. The reality of the program allowed teens to make a connection with the games they play and the intricate details needed to design a game.

KUDO Game Design!

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