I  recently played the game Thrive Time during the Mad Money program at the library.  The game made me think of my future and how faced with certian financial situation can be stressful.  For example, in the game my money was stolen. The sad part was I had a lot of cash in my purse and payday was weeks away.  The lesson I learned was to save money and make deposits into my account.

Since I was broke. I had to use my credit card. Ugh!  I learned  credit card debt equals tons of interest.  I was starting to owe a lot of money very quickly!  This game made me sooo mad!  I became frustrated because we had to pay for expenses.  For instance, I  had to pay $50.00 for a video game. In real life, I do not play video games however, in the board game  I had no choice but to pay.

Playing this game made me thing about life situations and the importance of managing money.  I was presented with Math from a different perspective.  Life can be a struggle if you don’t have the money to pay for the things you need .The decisions  that we  make NOW affect us later in life.  I realized we need to be wise and make good financial decisions.

Five lessons I learned:

1:Dont freak out about money. It’s just money.

2:Use your credit card for emergencies only.

3:Save money

4:Don’t carry a lot of money on you.

5:Be smart, make great financial choices.

Money, Money, Money, Money!!!!
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